MIKE NASSR -The class leadership has decided our long contributing classmate/historian Mike Nassr, in the early stages of dementia, should be recognized for all he has, uniquely, done for us. A project is underway to present him, his wife and and their family, while he is still aware, a suitably framed "thank you" commendation in an attractive wall mounted plaque. His 15th company mate and long time friend, Jamie Deuel, has volunteered to undertake the research and drafting of the commendation for Board approval and presentation to him in his Atlanta home. Some, but not all, of his service to us includes the following;
1. Two, exceptional  post-graduation year books, "1994, 40th Anniversary" and "Cold War Warriors (2002)."
    2. Extensive work during our Academy days on the Log/Splinter staff and some help with our Lucky Bag
    3. Contributions to the POW/MIA awareness program 

Please be specific with what he did so we will know how to prioritize submissions. Due do the nature of his condition any useful information must be arrive at Jamie's (jkdeuel@swcp.com) NLT SEP 9. Please, if you knew Mike in any activity related to the class and other military groups, let Jamie know as soon as possible. TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE!

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