THE LAST "CAT SHOT" - from our Class Poet


When the Big Air Boss steps out on the bridge
To signal that “launch is on”,
When the ship is turning up thirty knots
And an archangel has the conn,
When you’re sealed alone under canopy
And the Cat Boss waves a “Go”,
You tap your helmet, a last salute,
The gesture all pilots know.

There’s a rush of steam, you’re launched at last,
On a course for the stars so dim,
Going higher and faster than ever now,
As the radio plays a hymn—
No further need to change course and speed,
It’s the last of your journeyings,
You settle down to enjoy the ride,
For the REO wears six wings.

At last you burst into brighter day,
A sunlight without a cloud,
And down below at the landing strip
You see a familiar crowd,
The faces you’ve loved and lost for years,
All gathered in one great scene,
All waving and calling a “Welcome Home”,
As you land on Fiddler’s Green.


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