Mike Nassr Honored

Report from Jerry Mackey

We gathered on October 8 at Mike Nassr's home in an Atlanta suburb to present him with a commendation for his considerable services to the class of '54.
The reader of the commendation was John Brashear (as the senior officer present).  He was assisted by Steve Barczewski, Walt Coakley, Tann Lightsey & Jerry Mackey.  After John read the commendation we sat around, told a few "sea stories" and enjoyed the occasion.
Also present were Mike's wife Bobbi his daughter , son-in-law and grandson .
The person worthy of note in this event is Jamie Deuel and he certainly deserves all the credit.  The work was done with the concurrence of George Zeberlein and certainly reflected the appreciation of Mike for his work as "class historian" and other efforts in our behalf.

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