Message from Peggy Ertlmeier

I would like to thank George's classmates who graciously rearranged their schedules to attend his funeral service on Friday the 13th here at USNA.  Some of you also came to the reception and more either called or sent condolences - to everyone let me say it meant a great deal to me and I know George would have been honored. I was so pleased that Bill Crawford sent the Class of 54 yearbook which I put on the Memorial table and was read by many of the guests.  I was not able to spend much time with you but I hope in the future we will be able to get together on occasions, and for sure attend the wives' luncheons.

We are missing my son's black coat (with prescription sunglasses in the pocket) which, I believe, was mistaken for a woman's lovely black coat which was left after the reception  Anyone with knowledge of a missing coat please contact me at 410-573-1399.

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