"Severnia's Watch" Inscription for a Stature Never Cast

You may wish to add a little footnote to display of the following verse. Back when the Class was vigorously (and loudly) debating the merits of certain plans for a class memorial, I had the brilliant notion that perhaps a statue at the point of the Reina Mercedes dock would suit the purpose.  My concept was a stone pedestal, surmounted by a larger than lifesize standing female figure in classic draperies, but wearing the dress jacket and cap of an 1890's midshipman, she's carrying a telescope ready to scan the horizon for her sweetheart's incoming ship. I wrote a couple of verses for this, called her "Severnia, the spirit of USNA", and thought it would get past the controversy.  Well of course we opted for another type memorial, perfectly fine and appropriate, so the lady never was built, nor even was a painting made in the same pose for Memorial Hall. Could have done the painting for less than $10,000 -- I even had an artist all lined up.

So for the March Pome here's my verse, kind of linking it to the fine slide show Linda Sweet produced on the website. Thanks for sharing it. 


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