Pictures from the EODAP - the DARK AGES are over!

Joan Alger, Marty Ager, Den Ager, Don Elliott, David Fitzwilliam, Jerry Krumwiede 
Katherine Rigley, Bill Hargrave, Dora Bell, Jim Bell, Nan Hoover 
Cheron Hargrave, Bill Land 
                                         Lynn McCaffree, Pat Hope, Lee Wood 
Lee wood, Hal Glovier, Mike McMaffree 

Gyselda McCarthy, Bob Sheehan, Simone Cane, Jim McCarthy, Al Hobbs 
Lee Wood, Don Elliott, Al Hobbs 
Will Croom, Bill Hargrave, Paul Skarlotos 
Bill hoover, Bill Hunter, Kitty Land, Marty Croom 
Jean Mobley, Scott Mobley, Al Hobbs, Dave Henry 
Gyselda McCarthy, Jim McCarthy, Simond Cane, Bob Sheehan, Dave Henry 
Bettine Montgomery, Bill Montgomery, Fay Woodrow, Some Marine 
The Prez, Joan Zeberlein, Bea Hurt, Jon Hurt  
Bill Hunter and Jim Bell      

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