BAAA BAAA BILLY! April 2012 Pome

BAAA BAAA BILLY! *A Chant for the Goatkeepers

Now the Goat is old and gnarly, and he’s never had a bath,
Though he’d never star in Dago, let alone in Juice or Math,
He’ll butt the stuffings out of any Mule across his path,
    So bring ... out ... Bill ... the ... Goat!
     Chorus:  Nobody at all suppo-ses
                    Goats have ever smelled of ro-ses,
                    Everybody hold your no-ses
                    And bring ... out ... Bill ... the ... Goat!

And we also have a mummer, with his horns of Blue and Gold,
The Woo Poo clowns can’t steal him, he is far too strong and bold,
He’ll butt ‘em through the goalposts, and leave ‘em in the cold,
    So we ... want ... Bill ... the ... Goat!                 Chorus:

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