THE RETURN OF THE PEST - Our Poet's August Poem

"Amid continuing controversy, the World Health Ogranization
is considering lifting the ban on DDT, in view of its
unintended consequences, among these the wider spread
of malarial mosquitoes." -- News item
Sweet Rachel Carson (bless her heart),
Once wrote of "Silent Spring"--
The world she saw lacked furry beasts
And tweety-birds to sing.
She led the war on pesticides,
Vile DDT was banned,
And cries to get her canonized
Were heard across the land.
Two generations now have passed,
And we have come to see
How skillions of mosquitoes thumb
Their nose at DDT.
Armies of bugs chew on our crops,
No grace by priest or parson--
For lice and bedbugs feasting free,
We thank you, Doctor Carson.

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