Death of a Classmate - Leo Orsino

I received the following from Bob Sheehan:

Hi, Will,
    I just talked to Leo's daughter, Bronwyn Orsino, who reports that her Dad, Leo Orsino, [14th Co.] died this afternoon, Mon., Nov.19, 2012.  He's had a valiant fight against cancer, but will now rest in piece.
    He left detailed instructions with his family about having a memorial service at the Naval Academy and his plans to be interred in the columbarium. 
    Willl let you and other classmates know when these arrangements are firmed up..
    God bless.
Bob Sheehan

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Bib Sheehan said...

Service for Leo Orsino will be at `1100 on Monday, Dec.17 at the USNA Columbarium. After the internment, the family invites all to a reception at the USNA O'Club.