THE LAND OF BLUE HORIZONS - Dick Raymond's Poem of the Month


                   THE LAND OF BLUE HORIZONS

A Salute

"USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343), the U. S. Navy's last diesel
submarine, originally commissioned in the final weeks of
World War II and presently stationed as a floating museum
at Patriots' Point, near Charleston, SC, has been slated for
demolition and possible sinking for part of an artificial reef,
in Atlantic coastal waters." – News item
There's a Land of Blue Horizons,
Where old warships go to die,
With a warm sun ever shining,
And no end of friendly sky.
Where the breeze is soft and gentle,
Little waves caress the beach,
And the old ships smile and murmur,
Blest with mystic power of speech.
And their old crews there may gather,
Sipping beer and telling tales
Of adventures, of old sea-fights,
Foreign ports and raging gales,
Here the peace is never broken,
And King Neptune stays his hand,
As the great fleet lies at anchor
In the harbor of that Land.
There's the Langley, sunk off Java,
And the mighty "Lady Lex",
Whom her planes in many a battle
Left our foes as shattered wrecks;
All her class are mustered here,
went to the scrap-yard,
Now is moored beside the pier.
Heavy cruisers sunk at Savo
Raised, refurbished, good as new–
, Astoria and Quincy,
Manned once more, with shadow-crew;
Ever true, the Silent Service
Made their mark, and paid the toll–
Here's the Scorpion and Thresher,
Back again from Last Patrol.
So shall be, in some Tomorrow,
All the brave ships that we knew,
Proud and strong, their flags still flying
Bright against Horizon Blue,
All made whole, and everlasting,
Soon may join the CLAMAGORE–
Sailor, raise your hand to honor
Fighting vessels gone before.

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