Firnal SITREP for SNOWBIRD 2013

This is planned to be the final SITREP unless corrections or changes emerge. Please pay special attention to the Thursday 11 April evening plans at note #6 since I have missplaced any earlier responses and need to confirm attendance at the dinner that evening.

FINAL SITREP. This is to provide an overall report of activities as of 3-24-2013 . Everything is on track for a successful Mini Reunion and SNOWBIRD golf event 9-11 April at NAS Jacksonville with about 50 attendees including 25 golfers already planning to attend.  33 attendees already have reservations at the Gateway Inns on the base.
More details are provided below as follows; (1) Names of announced attendees , (2) Schedule of events, (3) List of those needing base permits, (4) Reminder to send checks for social events to Frank Caroccio and also individual golf indexes/handicaps, (5) Driving directions to NAS Jacksonville, and (6) Invitation for those staying over Thursday evening.

(1) Attendees expected;

Bill & Alix Alter
Jack & Rosemary Anderson
Buster & Mary Kay Bilyeu
By and Harriett Byington
Dorothy Cabanillas
Frank & Carlene Caroccio
Al Casey & Carolyn Howard
Dick Cherry
Rick & Mary Lou Childress
Rod & Marcia Crawford
Lee & Yvonne Curry
Pete & Kathy Easton
Gene & Jane Geronime
Dick & Jodi Hartley
Bill Hoover
Les & Carol Huffman
Jake & Naomi Marshall
Joe & Fredda Morgan
Dick & Maggie Padberg
Jim & Cindy Prestridge
Pete & Jane Schoeffel
Donna Smith
Bob & Barbara Tolg
Poolie & Kirby Watson
Tom & Lynn Watson
Bob & Mary Sue Wilmer

(2) Schedule of events:

Tuesday 9 April - Welcome Aboard Reception, BOQ "T-Bar" Deck 17:30-19:30. Cash bar and hors d'oeuvres. Jack Anderson is providing name tags for all attendees. If interested in a local off base place for  dinner after the reception, a good local option is "J.L. Trents Seafood" just outside the main gate (info available at the T-Bar).

Wednesday 10 April- Mulligans Cafe in the golf club opens at 06:30, then all day. 1st Round of SNOWBIRD tees off around noon ( more details later).

Wednesday 10 April - Class Dinner Party at the O'Club. 18:00 Cash bar opens, 19:00 Dinner served.

Thursday  11 April - Mulligans Cafe in  the golf club opens at 06:30, then all day. Final round of the SNOWBIRD tees off early about 08:00 (more details later).

Thursday 11 April- All attendees "Wrap UP Luncheon" and awards at 12:30PM on the porch of the golf club followed by group photo.

For attendees staying over Thursday evening, please see the invitation in (6) below.

(3) Those needing Base entry permits are listed below and are being processed now; Frank & Carlene Caroccio, Rick & Mary Lou Childress, Dick Hartley and Jim Prestridge. I'll send approved passes as soon as I receive them...hopefully before 2 April.

(4) If not already sent, please remit check made to Frank Caroccio at 12866 Greenmeadow Place, Jacksonville, FL 32246 for social events and also send your individual golf indexes to him.

(5) Driving directions to NAS Jacksonville:

 - from the north and west on I-95 from Georgia, the JAX Intnl Airport or from I-10, take the I-295 West Beltway southbound to Exit # 10, then blend left onto US 17 north for about 2 miles to enter the "Yorktown" Main Gate on your right. There is a Blue Angel F-18 mounted at this gate;

 - from the south coming north toward Jacksonville on I-95, take the I-295 West Beltway exit toward Orange Park.  Then while crossing the long St. Johns River bridge, get into the rightmost lane and take Exit #10.  Blend right onto US 17 north for about 2 miles to enter the "Yorktown" Main Gate on your right, there is a Blue Angel  F-18 mounted at this gate;

Stop at the sentry and be prepared to show DoD ID for all passengers or your  temporary permit  Once inside the Main Gate, proceed straight ahead on Yorktown road about a mile and turn right at the traffic light on to Mustin Road.

Proceed along Mustin road past the chapel, the Navy Lodge, golf course, the O'Club, the back entrance to the Gateway Inn, the Fire Truck station and then turn left into the Gateway Inns & Suites parking area. The taller red roof building ahead is the BOQ with the "T-Bar" on the ground floor. If you are checking in to a reserved room, go way left across the parking lot to the Gateway Inns front desk to check in.

(6) Lynn and I invite those staying over Thursday evening to our home for cocktails from 5-7 PM. We will make dinner reservations at 7:30 PM at the Club Continental in Orange Park for any who are interested, but I have misplaced my list of earlier RSVP's and ask you notify/reconfirm your plans to me or Lynn at your earliest convenience.


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