65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

65th Reunion - Annapolis- 24-27 April 2019

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You can make reservations at Hotel Annapolis by- by calling 800-526-2593 and asking for USNA Class of 1954. rate


August 2013 Pome, "When Mother Nature Throws a Hissy"

August 2013 Pome
"Bring back those lazy hazy crazy days of summer,"
So sings the soothing lyrics of the song--
This season simply rates as "crazy bummer,"
How could that author get the theme so wrong?
With fires in Colorado, and floods in the Midwest,
The rains are pounding our town every day,
A heat wave down in Texas, even eggs boil in the nest,
And --cheer up!-- hurricanes are on the way!
I'd settle for a "lazy day" this summer,
When twisters flatten Oklahoma towns--
"Bring back those days?" yeah-- nothing could be dumber,
As horses swim through mud at Churchill Downs.

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