Death of a Classmate - John Paul Jones

I received the following from Tom  Watson:

Will, I received a call from John Paul's wife, Winkie, this afternoon that John Paul had passed away yesterday afternoon after a long illness.

She informed me that tentative plans for a ceremony in his honor is being planned at St. Peters Church in Fernandina Beach, Florida on Wednesday, 7 August  at 11 AM. At this point that is all I know except that he served as treasurer of the Church for many years and Winkie told me that 7 August happens to be John Paul's Birthday.

I've notified some of our local Jacksonville Area classmates and widows and will forward more information to you when I  learn it.

Please post this at your earliest convenience

Thanks and best regards,

Tom Watson

p.s., JP was a big CEC person, so you may already have info from others.

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