November 2013 pome, "In Your Hat, Fella!"

or, The Times, Are They A-Changing?

"By a 7-6 vote, the Marine Corps Uniform Board has proposed
a new design for the dress cap, more in line with the unisex type
 currently in favor among clothing stylists."                - News item

The caps which once distinguished sex

Are given the Deep Six—
No more the smart female chapeaux,
With males they'd kind of mix.

The Globe and Anchor would adorn
A sort of "pillbox" pile,
And manly covers to be worn
More feminine in style.

One wonders—is this single-sex
The first of PC tilt?
Must hairy-legged Leathernecks
Be made to sport a kilt?

WM's, now-skirted fetchingly,
Along with boots and socks
Be issued, with initial gear,
Marine-green bras and jocks?

Would Chesty, if alive today,
Endorse this sort of rot?
Permit me, sirs, to briefly say,
He goddam sure would not!


* But be of good cheer—after further review, the Commandant definitely
torpedoed this moronic suggestion. Men will still be seen as men, and women as women.

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