Death of a Classmate - Edward H. Jackson - 9th Co.

I received the following from Dick Hartley:

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all that our friend and company mate Ed Jackson died today.  I spoke with him yesterday to make sure he was getting my emails and he assured me he would be at the reunion and was looking forward to seeing you all.  His friend, Claire Henry found him at his home this morning when she went there to take him to a doctor's appointment.  He had an enlarged heart and had trouble breathing.  He also had difficulty walking and was worried about being able to get to the reunion.  Claire said he wasn't taking his medications and had been hospitalized for a month in January.  She was trying to get him to admit himself into a nursing facility so someone would be watching over him and keeping him on his meds.  So we won't be seeing the famous Southern Senator addressing "Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker!"  


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