60th Reunion Parking


The Westin has two ways to park. Valet and hourly Self Parking.  
Valet parking is $18 a day. George has negotiated free Self Parking for those registered to stay at the Westin for the Reunion.
Self Parking has two pieces: (1) the overnight charge which normally would have been paid as part of your hotel bill and (2) an in and out charge (based on $2 per hour parked). Coupons (3 per day) for the in and out exit charge will be provided when you sign in to pick up your Reunion package at the Class Reunion check-in table. The coupons are not available for those who are just parking for Reunion events.
The Westin under ground Self Parking is a little confusing. In addition to parking for the Westin there is parking reserved for other venues. There are 3 parking levels with parking areas that are color and number coded. Make note of each when you park.
There is an elevator to the Westin Lobby at a location marked Westin but there are also other elevators to exits near by but outside the Westin(e.g.Park Place). Also only certain exits to drive your car out of the garage work for the Westin.
It is recommend you make sure you verify your parking arrangement when you register at Hotel check-in.

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