Death of Nancy Chuday

Sylvia Healy received the following from Liz Chuday:

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

Wanted to let you know that mom chose Thanksgiving Day at 7:30 a.m.to escape the surly bonds of earth and clutches of Alzheimer's for greener pastures. So appropriate considering her Pilgrim heritage!

I'm sure Dad and Jim were there to usher her through the tunnel. These last few weeks she had refused to eat - in her own way rejecting a life so compromised. She would exit on her own terms!

Despite the brain fog, Mom had moments of lucidity and said in August, "I'm glad I sprung you from my loins."

That made me laugh.

She also smiled and seemed to genuinely remember some of fond times I described of Naval Academy friends and occasions -- no doubt they made lasting impressions that made it through the dementia.

Cath is organizing things and will have more confirmed details soon, but I believe these are the short-term tentative plans: a closed-casket viewing next Wednesday, Dec. 3 (time TBD) at Keohane Funeral Home in Wollaston, MA, with anyone who attends welcome to join us at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy either before or after – hopefully after, but details not yet determined… and a funeral mass at 10:00am on Thurs, Dec 4th at St. Ann’s Church in Wollaston (about a block away from Keohane’s on Hancock St in Wollaston) followed by Mom’s burial at Woodside Cemetary in Cohasset, followed by some kind of luncheon at a place to be determined.

This is in the middle of the work week, making it difficult to attend, and we have no expectations, but did want to let you know.

Also, I believe we are planning a memorial service this spring near her birthday, which was April 15, in Cinnaminson most likely at the Riverton Country Club. This will be a location more accessible to many of her friends and certainly done in more clement weather than New England in December!!

Please share this news with anyone who might be interested in the news of her passing.

Much love,

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