Fwd: Our Poet's August Poem --- AVIATION SUMMER,1952




                            AVIATION SUMMER,1952

                             Yahoo! We grabbed new shoulder boards,
                        Which showed a second stripe,
                        And climbed into the cockpits
                        Of the "Yellow Peril" type—
                          Those sporty little float planes
                        Let us roar into the blue,
                        We got to wear a parachute,
                        And pilots' goggles, too!

                        Instructors helped us aviate,
                        We climbed, we dipped, we soared,
                        And later, "Leaking Leyte's" crew
                        Had welcomed us aboard.
                        We cut a rug in Halifax,
                        (Canadian girls aren't cold,
                        And how we'd wished to dazzle them
                        With shining wings of gold.)

                        We rode the "Dilbert Dunker",
                        And swallowed half the pool,
                        Tried to pretend that upside-down
                        Was normal in that school.
                        But O! the lift, the taking-off,
                        What memories it brings,
                        To view our old Academy
                        From Mighty Navy Wings!



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