Dick Raymon's September Poem - "G. I. Jane Redux?" or, The Rise of The Armored Mermaid

 "For the first time in U. S. military history, two female soldiers, both West Point graduates,have satisfactorily completed the rugged Ranger course, and been awarded the prestigious RANGER tab.In a public statement, Army officials insisted that no concessions were made on account of their sex, nor were strict standards lowered. A Navy spokesman declined to speculate on whether his branch would now consider admitting female candidates to the even more stringent SEALs training program."– News Item

                                                    “G. I. JANE REDUX?”
                     or, The Rise ofthe Armored Mermaid

                        The Navy has been challenged!
                        Two females passed the test,
                        Now proudly wear the RANGER tab,
                        The Army’s fighting best—
                        What now, for skirted sailors?
                        Imagination reels
                        To think how salty admirals
                        Must now train lady SEALs!

                        Let Amazonian athletes
                        Signup, in droves and mobs,
                        To swim, and run, and call it fun,
                        Competing for men’s jobs—
                        What matter that their muscles
                        May strain in lifting weights,
                        No watered-down criteria
                        For female Gunner’s Mates!

                        When finished, they’d be killers,
                        Trained to use gun or knife,
                        How fitting, that these lady SEALs
                        Won’t blink to take a life.
                        How charming that our daughters,
                        Our wives, our mothers, too,
                        Go forth to save the nation
                        In bloodstained Navy blue!


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