Death of a Classmate - Major General Joe P. Morgan - 21st Co.

Major General Joe P. Morgan (USAF retired) of Panama City Beach, Fl., formerly of Edmond, Ok., died September 23, 2015 from pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, and Parkinson's  disease, a casualty of Agent Orange.

He grew up in Erwin, Tenn., graduating from the Academy in 1954, receiving a commission in the USAF.  He received his MS degree from George Washington University in 1965. 
He served three appointments in the Pentagon, traveled around the world, loved the military, and had lasting friendships with classmates.

Everyone always asks the question, "what helped this man get his stars?"  The nickname awarded him by his men, "Jumpin Joe" explained everything, he completed all assignments ahead of time, and he was always the first man on the job, plus he had a rule, check everything three times.

He complete Squadron Officer School, Air command and Staff College, was a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Program, commander of the Munitions Maintenance Squadron of the 388th Strategic Missile Wing in Little Rock.  He served as chief of the Missile and Nuclear Programs Division working with the intercontinental ballistic missile programs with his next service at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe, next becoming director of space systems and command in 1983.  He served with the Headquarters Logistics Agency in Alexandria for his final position spending 34 years in the military. His wife Carolyn died in 1989 of cancer.

General Morgan served on the counter
​ ​
terrorism board of MIPT in Oklahoma City after moving there with his wife, Fredda Briscoe Morgan.  He loved her three children as if they were his own, and when her two thirteen year old grandsons were named future Duke scholars at the age of 13 by excelling on the SAT's, he told everyone who would listen.  There was a private cremation and a memorial dinner in Oklahoma for closest friends and family.  There was no finer gentleman and he is greatly missed.

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