Our Poet's October Poem


                “The President made a special trip to Alaska, to celebrate
                the restoration of the native name of Denali to the peak
                formerly known as Mount McKinley . In the same week,
                media sources made much of stories of injuries sustained by
                plebes at West Point, during what was described as the
                ‘Annual Pillow Fight.’”  -- News item

                        In a wide-spread reclaiming,
                        Bureaucrats are renaming
                        Old things deemed no longer P. C.—
                        And for white Mount McKinley,
                        Its name seemed a thinly-
                        Disguisedbow to white pedigree.

                        So from now on, by golly,
                        ‘Twillbe called Mount Denali,
                        To the cheers of a thousand Aleuts,
                        Though they don’t have a Bible,
                        Restoring this tribal
                        Icon makes whites shake in their boots.

                        And at West Point, the plebes—
                        Seldom thought of as dweebs—
                        Flailed each other with Kevlar-stuffed pillows,
                        Forsaking war-studies,
                        Belabored their buddies,
                        Flak-vested like gray armadillos.

                        Now in bureaucratese,
                        Old“Yous may”, if you please,
                        Considering genus and phylum,
                        Casts“Academy” out,
                        And in future, no doubt,
                        Be renamed  “Military Asylum”.


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