Death of a Class Mate - CLARK WINSTON SHOREY - 18th Co.

 Clark W. Shorey passed away on 11 October 2015.   He was born in Englewood, New Jersey on March 31, 1928 and lived there through high school.  Following high school, he enlisted in the Navy for 4 years.   While serving, he was selected to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island, and upon completion of the course, he successfully passed the competitive entrance examination to the Navy Academy.   Clark entered the Academy 2 August 1950 at age 22.   He was in the 18th Company at the Academy, and was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy Line on graduation with the Class of 1954.   A week later he married Sally Lane Allison in Philadelphia with fellow classmates as attendants.  He served 3 years at sea in the Mediterranean on the USS Joseph P. KENNEDY DD-850 where he was Gunnery Officer and Chief Engineer. He then served on the USS BOSTON CG-1 as CIC Officer and Air Controller.   He left active duty in 1958 and entered the reserves where he later attained the grade of Lieutenant Commander USNR.   He was employed by AMF in New England and later York, Pennsylvania as an engineer on the Titan and Atlas underground Missile Launching Program.  In 1984 he took a position with the Xerox Corporation in Rochester, New York where he became manager of International Engineering Systems.  He retired after 20 years with Xerox.  In 1984 he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology studying Computer Science, and then joined Lockheed Martin as a senior engineer in New Jersey. Lockheed later transferred him to Sunnyvale, California.   In 1992 he transferred to Marietta, Georgia with Lockheed Martin where he was a senior engineer on the F-22 fighter jet, working primarily in avionics.  He retired in 2000. He and Lane had three children, Allison, Dean, and Shahn. Following his divorce from Lane, he married Harriett Kelly, an attorney and franchise owner, in 1997. He and Harriett were very active in their community and church in the Atlanta area, and divided their time between Atlanta and St. George Island, Florida. His favorites pastimes included golf and fishing.  His wife, Harriett, a daughter, Allison, sons Dean and Shahn, 5 grandchildren, and a stepdaughter, Rebecca, survive him.         

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