Don Walsh's Pictures from His Antarctic Visit

From: Edward Tipshus 

Don Walsh, our Class World Traveller, has sent in some great photos of his visit to the Antarctic.  He states (with a worldly élan?) he is firmly experienced with Penguin Poop and its unique aroma.
Don says: "i am on my way to the Big Apple (NYC)  for a meeting of my Ocean Elders (oceanelders.org) group, a most unusual organization.  However, I easily do qualify as an "Elder".  I'll there there through Tuesday and then back home.  In July-August I will be shipboard again for two circumnavigations of Iceland.  Joan will be on one of the expeditions and then my son will be on the second. In September it's off to Europe for the Monaco Boat Show, Rolex HQ in Geneva, the Cite de la Mer museum in Cherbourg and finally to the UK for some of the centennial celebrations of the Battle of Jutland. - Never bored.  Attached are some images that might be of interest."   

At Salisbury Plain, S. Georgia.  About 10,000 King Penguins live.  The smell of guano is memorable.

Curious and unconcerned King Penguins at S. Georgia.

Two former whale catching ships at the former whaling station of Grytviken on South Georgia.  The Explorer is at anchor in the background.

Joan and me at the 'end of the world' sign at Ushuaia Argentina, the closest port to the Antarctic.  This is a 'tradition'.  We have been taking this same shot for every Antarctic expedition the past 20 years

Two adult Kings

Kings at Gold Harbor S. Georgia.  Due to the guano 'soup' you never sit down at these places…  If you remain quiet they will come right up to you to see what this 'red penguin' is.  The chicks are particularly inquisitive.

Some of the 100,000 King Penguins that live on South Georgia Island  Two Elephant Seals in the foreground.

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