Death of a ClassMate - James Glennon Mahorner -

James Glennon Mahorner, 84 years old, of Tallahassee, Florida passed away on August 20th, 2016 in Tallahassee.

A memorial gathering will be held Sunday, August 28th at noon, where he enjoyed years of morning breakfasts at the Courtyard Jacksonville Beach Oceanfront restaurant. Let's meet on the beach at noonfor a farewell toast.

Courtyard Jacksonville Beach Oceanfront, 1617 North First Street, Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

You can always find an adventure. Take adventures. Rules are suggestions and should be challenged. Follow your gut. Arguments can be held with respect. A strong argument doesn't require a loud voice. "Shortcut"… was code for "we are lost, but it won't be boring. We learned to drive on roads not built yet and park without the lines. Friends can hurt you far more than your enemies.

Dad would say, he taught us most people are good. I always argued that. I find most are not. However, there is some good in most and the truly good people are rare treasures. Life is not lived by the number of years but in the quality of time together. Lift others' spirits. He noticed value in others and shared that with them. He frequently left a note on a napkin, usually for a server, with some words of wisdom or a laugh.

Dad was brilliant, once the oldest member of Mensa, a graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy, Stetson Law School and held a degree in Engineering. He was an exceptional bridge player. He enjoyed tennis, most days of his life. Physical activity soothed him. He was an extremely strong swimmer. Kayaking and canoeing were also adventures he enjoyed. His spirit is again free for adventure and his soul is at peace. Sometimes I feel God allows us to see a loved one's body deteriorate to the shell it once was in order for us to be at peace and be thankful that he is no longer imprisoned in that earthly condition. He is now free in heaven and at peace.

We love you Dad.

He is survived by his five children, John (Judi) Mahorner, Jim Mahorner, Mary Christine (Tommy) Gore, Amy Caprice (Wendy) Sykes, Ted Mahorner; and his seven grandchildren; Brandon Gore, John A. Mahorner, Christina Kelly, Nate Mahorner, Lucy Brynn Mahorner, Devin Mahorner and Andrew Mahorner; his sister, Sue Martin, and last but not least, his favorite cousin Pat Lee.

Online condolences may be expressed at www.abbeyfh.com.

Published in Tallahassee Democrat on Aug. 25, 2016

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