Death of a Classmate - Franklin Russell Lockmiller - 13th Co.

The Victorious Life of Russell Lockmiller  (October 20, 1932 -- October 3, 2016)

Franklin Russell Lockmiller was born on October 20, 1932, in Monett, Missouri, and finished high school at Chattanooga, Tennessee. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, after which he became an Air Force pilot. Russell joined the Unification Church in 1974, after meeting a brother who was selling tickets to Rev. Moon's speech in New York. His subsequent missions utilized his astute technical and computer knowledge and were mostly with ICUS (International Conference on Unity of the Sciences) and ICF (International Cultural Foundation).He was blessed (marriage ceremony) to his wife, Chiyoko, as part of the 6000 Couples' Blessing in 1982. They moved to Arizona in 1992 and lived in Sedona for several years, eventually moving to Anthem, north of Phoenix. He and Chiyoko were always faithfully arriving early for every Sunday Service and the many other events they supported. It was so cute to see them communicate with each other in broken Japanese/English, and working on how to express their love for each other. Russell had a keen ear for music and especially loved organs. He personally developed a remarkable true-tone accurate keyboard that he had planned to launch. Russell was always up for a philosophical discussion of the Principle and Unification Thought. His brotherly heart and measured, thoughtful comments will be deeply missed.Russell leaves behind his loving wife, Chiyoko. He is also survived by his younger sister Carlotta, and two sons from a marriage before joining FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-or Unification Church) Russell, Jr., and George.

Will Croom
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