Navy Football Service Assignments

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ANNAPOLIS, Md.—The 31 seniors on the Navy football team received their Service Assignments this afternoon in ceremonies at the Naval Academy. 

Eighteen seniors will be commissioned 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps (all 18 are going Marine Ground), while 13 will be Ensigns in the United States Navy (seven Surface Warfare, four Navy Pilots, two Supply Corps).

Service Assignments for the Class of 2017
Josh Antol – Navy Pilot  
Alex Barta – Navy Pilot  
Kyle Battle – Marine Corps Ground  
Cam Bryant – Supply Corps
Calvin Cass – Surface Warfare  
Ted Colburn – Marine Corps Ground
Blake Copeland – Navy Pilot 
Rob Dusz – Marine Corps Ground 
Patrick Forrestal – Marine Corps Ground 
Daniel Gonzales – Marine Corps Ground  
Daniel Grant-Johnson – Navy Pilot  
Toneo Gulley – Marine Corps Ground
Ryan Harris – Marine Corps Ground 
Mike Kelly – Marine Corps Ground  
Amos Mason – Marine Corps Ground
Maurice Morris – Surface Warfare  
Kendrick Mouton – Marine Corps Ground 
Josiah Powell – Marine Corps Ground  
Jeremiah Robbins – Marine Corps Ground  
Dishan Romine – Surface Warfare  
Tago Smith – Surface Warfare  
Myles Swain – Surface Warfare    
Daiquan Thomasson – Marine Corps Ground  
Troy Thompson – Surface Warfare
Jamir Tillman – Marine Corps Ground 
Julian Turner – Surface Warfare 
Nnamdi Uzoma – Marine Corps Ground  
Jalen Wade – Marine Corps Ground 
Adam West – Marine Corps Ground 
Shawn White – Navy Supply  
Will Worth – Marine Corps Ground    

Navy’s senior class has compiled a record of 35-13 (.729) and is one win away from tying the school record for most wins by a senior class set by the Class of 1909 (36-7-5) and the Class of 2016 (36-16).  The Mids can also clinch the American Athletic Conference West Division title on Saturday with a win at East Carolina.

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