CHECK TO THE KING - Our Poet's May Poem


                               CHECK TO THE KING
                     Coral Sea, 4 – 8 May 1942
            "In a fierce engagement of American and Japanese carrier task
                forces in the Coral Sea, the Japanese were turned back from
                their intended invasion of Port Moresby on New Guinea. Seven
                Japanese warships were sunk or heavily damaged, and five
                American, including the loss of the carrier USS Lexington. It was
                the first known naval battle in which the opposing fleets never
                sighted one another, all combat being carried out by torpedo planes
                and dive bombers." – News Item, 1942
             The Lex she was a Lady, that lady is no more—
            She's gone beneath the waters, will never see the shore,
            But O! her fighting seamen, the pilots and aircrews
            Cried Check! To Nippon's navy, and stopped them in their shoes!
            The Lexington and Yorktown, with Fletcher in command,
            Sent forth a screen of scout-planes, so wide a search was spanned,
            And when the foe were sighted, swift bombers followed fast,
            And soon an enemy carrier went down before the blast.
            As back and forth they battled, no gunfire was exchanged,
            The warriors were aircraft, and cannon were outranged,
            The enemy was thwarted, they made best speed for port,
            And plans for an invasion were quickly brought up short.
            But bitter was the reaping--on luckless "Lady Lex"
            A swarm of Yellow bombers rained death upon her decks!
            When ordered to Abandon, the crew went overside,
            Then proudly, and on even keel, the gallant Lady died.
            What courage and devotion! Our Navy saved the day,
            A powerful invasion was checked and turned away,
            For not in vain the sacrifice of valiant ships and men—
            Before another month went by, they'd do it all again!

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