F​OR​​ THE FOURTH - Dick Raymond's Fourth of July Poem

​                                   ​

                                       FOR THE FOURTH

                                                    A Thanksgiving
                                 There never was a country
                                    More beautiful and strong,
                                    More filled with Heaven's blessings,
                                    More worthy of my song,
                                    More rich with varied peoples
                                    Who came to seek free air,
                                    Who dared the direst dangers
                                    Then thanked their God in prayer.

                                    There never was a banner
                                    More bright with crimson bands,
                                    More white with sacred Honor,
                                    Who called to ancient lands,
                                    "Let all who cherish Freedom
                                    Repair to Western soil--
                                    Here all ye strive and long for
                                    Are paid with honest toil."

                                    The stars that soar above us
                                    Bespeak our hope and goal,
                                    The penance for our errors,
                                    The cleansing of our soul,
                                    So fit to fly for Freedom,
                                    Or never Man shall be
                                    More ready for the future,
                                    To use our Liberty!

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