Fwd: Ed Tipshus is OK

From Jack Tipshus
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Dear USNA Friends,

First: Ed is OK!

Ed experienced a stoke, but is OK and recovering extremely well.

Ten days ago, the day before his 88th birthday, Ed was alone in his Lowes Annapolis Hotel room after having dinner at Mike Crab's. He was making his regular stopover while traveling from Ohio to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with Sandy, Lisa, me, his grandson, and brother-in-law. Sandy was visiting her grandson in New Jersey while Ed was taking care of routine end of the year medical appointments in Ohio.

Ed fell in his hotel room, hit his head, then experienced a stroke. He was partially paralyzed on his right side, tried to crawl to the hotel room phone, but couldn't reach it, so he asked Siri on his iPhone to call the hotel front desk. The quick actions by the Lowes Hotel staff saved his life. They called 9-1-1 before even heading up to his room. That quick action got him to Anne Arundel Medical Center ER fast. After Ed was stabilized, we worked to get him medical transported on a four hour ambulance ride from Maryland to New Jersey to a new stroke rehabilitation wing at Hoboken University Medical Center, a short neighborhood walk for Sandy and the family.

The day after the stoke, when asked what year he was born, Ed immediately answered correctly. When asked what year it is now, he said, "2017" then when asked who the current President of the United States is, he shouted, "Adolph Hitler!" then said, "Just kidding. It's Donald Trump."

He is doing exceptionally well. His memory is perfectly intact, but slightly delayed in processing. Recollections take perhaps a few seconds longer than before the stroke, but 100% accurate. Yesterday, he worked a newspaper crossword puzzle to near completion. Physically, his right side is impaired to the point he cannot sit, stand, or walk without significant assistance. His speech is impaired and is at about 20% at this time, but improving every day. The therapists say he is making extremely good progress. Ed is focused on his independence and is working hard to attain it. His right hand, which he affectionately refers to as his, "claw" is approximately 30% useful at this point, but there is daily progress there, too. Ed mentioned this is the first time in his life being left-handed has been a benefit! He has some issues swallowing, so all food has a thickening agent added to safely aide in that endeavor.

He attends physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and neuroplasticity therapy every day (for a sum of 4 hour of therapies per day, 6 days per week). Sandy, Lisa, and I are with him daily in shifts. His spirits are good. Words like "atypical" and "miracle" are being used to describe his condition.
I am astonished at how well he is doing given the kind of stoke he experienced 10 days ago. It's wonderful.

I apologize for not posting a message here to his classmates and friends sooner. Sandy, Lisa, and I have been laser focused on Ed, making sure he gets the highest level of medical care possible. He is happy, smiles, makes jokes, and his spirits are good! He wanted me to tell you all that he is thinking of you and hopes to get back to using a keyboard as soon as possible.

Your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement may be sent to TeamEd@tipshus.com
I share those incoming message with Ed and the family. It means a lot to Ed to feel connected with his friends. I know it would mean a lot if you would send a note to Ed.

Thank you for your many decades of friendship and kindness.


Jack, Lisa, and Sandy

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