Class of 1954 65th Reunion

Class of 1954 65th Reunion
April 24-27, 2019

Welcome Classmates and Widows of the Great Class of 1954 to your 65th Reunion Web Page. As you may already know the reunion is going to be held at the Loews Hotel on West Street once again. Our intention is to eliminate, or at least minimize, the need for any of the attendees to use their own vehicle to get to any of the scheduled events. With that in mind we have made one major change to the usual Battalion and Company parties that were individually scheduled for one of the evenings.  Instead we are going to have another dinner scheduled at the hotel on Thursday. We are looking to have this be a very informal event with seating arranged by Battalions for a barbecue or something similar. 

Summary of Major Events

·      Wednesday evening: Welcome Aboard Reception, Loews Hotel         
             Check-in area at the Loews Hotel            
                                   You can use this link to book your room at Lowes

·       During the day Thursday, presentations at the new (as of last year) Akerson Tower, which overlooks the Navy-Marine Corps Football Stadium. 

·       Thursday Evening: an informal dinner at the Loews with the tables arranged by Battalions. 
·       Friday Morning: Class Meeting at Loews and Memorial Service at the Chapel 
·       Friday Afternoon: Possibly a P-rade (won't know for sure until Schedule is published in January 2019) 
·       Friday Evening: Reunion Banquet at Loews 
·       Saturday Morning: Farewell Brunch at Loews 

Schedule of Events
Wednesday 24 April       
0730-1600           Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700          Visitor Center Hours
0900-1700           Museum Hours
1200-1215          Noon Meal Formation
1000-1800          Check-In at Hotel
1800-2100          Welcome aboard Party at Hotel

Thursday 25 April      
0730-1600           Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours
0900-1700           Museum Hours
0800-1000          Check-In at Hotel
1000-1500          Akerson Towers Lunch and Briefings
                              1000 - 1015         Alumni Association Welcome        
                              1015 - 1045         Athletic Director Briefing
                              1045 - 1100         Break
                              1100 - 1200         Superintendent Briefing
                              1200 - 1300         Lunch
                              1300 - 1315         Break
                              1315 - 1415         Cyber Department Brief
                              1430 - 1530         Virtual Tour
1530-1630           Yard Bus Tour (If feasible)
1500-1700           Check-In at Hotel
1830-2130           Dinner at the Loews Hotel
Friday 26 April    
0730-1200           Midshipmen Store Hours
0900-1700           Museum Hours
0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours
0900-1000          Class Meeting at the Hotel
1100-1200          Memorial Service Main Chapel
TBD                     Lunch at the O'Club

1200-1600           Afternoon Free to Visit Midshipmen Store, Visitors Center, or the Museum
1600-1700           Possible Dress Parade
1830-2130           Reunion Banquet at the Hotel

Saturday 27 April    
0800-1200          Farewell Brunch at the Hotel
0900-1700           Museum Hours
0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours

Reunion Committee:
Bill Greenlaw     Chairman             410-544-3514/ greenlaw2@verizon.net
Phil Livingstone  Vice Chairman      443-607-8666/livingstonep1@verizon.net
Bill Hoover         Vice Chairman      757-221-0921/Hoovsf8@aol.com
Ted Walker         Mementos            703-823-6149/703-751-6205(Fax)
Ed Tipshus          Hospitality Room  614-846-7770/ ed@tipshus.com


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