Death of a Classmate - Evenson M. BURTIS - 21st Co.

I received the following from Ken Ruggles :

Mr. Ruggles - this is not Mack.  It is his niece, LIbby Lowe Hiza (libhiza@gmail.com).  Sadly, I am in Uncle Mack's email sending out notices of his passing.  Uncle Mack passed away on January 10, 2017, from a heart attack.  


I am so glad I found that he was corresponding with his classmates recently.  During this past year he shared memories that showed how important his time with you all was.  Please pass on this sad news, but know that he left us the way he wanted to...without hospital and nursing home "misery" (his words).  


Thank you for being part of his life.  I believe you all say - May you have Fair Winds and Good Sailing....


LIbby Hiza

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