TROPHIES OF VICTORY - Dick Raymond's July Poem

                                               TROPHIES OF VICTORY *
                "The Naval Academy museum has rediscovered and presented for display
                a nearly-forgotten collection of captured flags, taken by Naval and Marine  
                forces, in battle with a number of very formidable enemies." -- News item

                                    When our haughty British foes
                                    Sought to keep our freedoms down,
                                    And patriots reached for bayonets and powder,
                                    A new Navy soon arose
                                    From every seaside town,
                                    To answer with a thunder even louder—

                                    And our infant naval force
                                    Met the mighty Royal N,
                                    John Paul Jones made them quiver in their booties,
                                    It was Serapis, of course,
                                    And those stubborn Englishmen
                                    Learned to yield their flag, among their other duties.

                                    Now the flags hard-won are in our hands,
                                    Stained with heroes' blood in distant lands,
                                    Let them be displayed for the whole Brigade,
                                    To remind all hands how the name was made!

*          *          *
* For any who care to, these lyrics may be sung to the tune of "The Tower of London", 
from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Yeomen of the Guard."            

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