Death of a Classmate - John Edward Newton - 4 th Co.

Facebook had a post that John Newton passed away Sunday , 9 September, in Cupertino, CA .  His son made the following post: 

Dad’s service in the Navy started at the Naval Academy during the Korean War, stretched through the Quemoy Incident (Taiwan) in 1958 right after I was born, the Cold War with forward deployments in the Mediterranean in the 1960s, in Vietnam as Operations Officer on the USS Enterprise and finally in Pearl Harbor serving on the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet. It was in this last mission that moved our family to Hawaii and for my mother and him to settle down after the restless moving from base to base over the decades. He helped Christ Lutheran Church in Mililani, HI get started and became an anchor of the church. He also had a very active and volunteer-oriented life with the Lions Club and the community in Mililani. His whole life you could see him volunteering and helping out with our Boy Scout troops, school trips or local church.
In his last years of his life, he and our mother moved back to the Bay Area as they were no longer able to really to look after themselves. Even then, he saw his role as the care giver for our mother following her as she had to go to the memory ward of their care home. After my mother’s passing he moved to down to Sunny View, Cupertino where he led a happy, although memory challenged life at a church-oriented community. He was still his outgoing, bigger than life Naval Aviator self that greeted all the residence every day with a Cheery Aye-Aye.

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