Dick Raymond's October Poem - SUNSET ON THE HILLS *



                                            SUNSET ON THE HILLS *
                        Slow clouds drift by, like pink-sailed frigates cruising,
                        Mists creep along the valley-floor below,
                        The distant mountain-ridge is masked in shadow,
                        Pale blue above belies the sunset-glow.
                        Far thunder booms to westward--showers coming,
                        But snug on the veranda I belong,
                        To watch the slow envelopment of evening
                        And sing the silent verses of my song.
                        The trees below, full-leafed, will soon be barren,
                        Our lives, as leaves, float downward, one by one,
                        Unwise to count remainders on our fingers,
                        Soon, soon enough will sink the setting sun.
                        A white streak chalks the sky, great jets are passing—
                        Somewhere on high a meeting there shall be,
                        These "surly bonds of earth" will be uplifted
                        With smiles and laughter, jubilant and free.

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