Robert J. Rennell , 12th Company

I received the following from Sharon A. Rennell-Francz , the daughter of classmate Robert J. Rennell , 12th Company. If you can provide any information to her the email address is 


Dear Will,

My father, Robert J. Rennell, was in the graduating Class of 1954 at Annapolis.  He is still living in Ann Arbor, Michigan (although his health has become somewhat of a struggle).  He does not use the Internet at all.  I was searching for anything I could find on him; articles, pictures, etc. for my son who is going to be a senior in high school and very much wants to attend the Naval Academy.  

We toured Annapolis last summer and we were able to pull up his graduation photo on the kiosk.  But due to an unfortunate house incident, we have lost all photos, papers, diplomas (even his class ring).  I noticed that your class is celebrating a 65 year reunion in April.  Sadly, I don't see any way that my father would be able to travel for this.  

Would you be able to publish something on your website to see if any of my father's roommates, acquaintances or classmates might be able to provide some insights or maybe even group photos with my father in them?  It would so much be appreciated!  It looks like I can order a yearbook online, but I don't know if he will have many photos in there or not?

Thanks for your help!


Sharon A. Rennell-Francz
2433 Brantwood Drive
Westlake, OH 44145

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