“SEVEN BELLS IN THE EVENING WATCH” Dick Raymond's January Poem

                                         “SEVEN BELLS IN THE EVENING WATCH”

                                    Our years have slipped past, silently--
                                    Six decades and a half
                                    Since ‘Fifty-four flung caps in air,
                                    With many a cheer and laugh,
                                    Our numbers, never great at first,
                                    By ones and twos are pared,
                                    Fewer remain, to celebrate
                                    The memories we shared.

                                    We’ll mark a new red-letter day
                                    As sixty-five arrives,
                                    A time for laurel “leaves of gold”,
                                    Most precious in our lives,
                                    From every corner of our land
                                    We’ll meet, and greet, and cheer,
                                    Old tales be told, hearts still as bold
                                    As in that long-past year!



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