ROLL OF DRUMS, ROLL OF NAMES - Our Poet's February Poem





                               ROLL OF DRUMS, ROLL OF NAMES

                                    For all the folks on History's page

                                    Whom February graces,

                                    We send a loud and hearty cheer

                                    When viewing names and faces—

                                    George Washington and Honest Abe

                                    Should lead this famous flock,

                                    But of the rest, too many seem

                                    To be renowned for schlock.


                                    O yes—there's Thomas Edison,

                                    And Galileo, too,

                                    Charles Dickens, and perhaps Babe Ruth,

                                    Liz Taylor—Wow! Woo-woo!

                                    But politicians, actresses

                                    And sports stars fill the list,

                                    What! Aaron Burr and Eva Braun?

                                    They surely should be missed!


                                    The Roll is long, likewise my song,

                                    You're welcome to scroll down

                                    And read how many notables

                                    Wear February's crown—

                                    But of them all, one animal

                                    Might even fit the bill,

                                    I'm speaking of that brown groundhog

                                    Called Punxsatwney Phil!






* Out of respect for your patience I append no more than a slight sprinkling of well-known persons with February birthdays: Clark Gable, Norman Rockwell, James Michener, Charles Lindbergh, Queen Anne, Laura Ingalls Wilder, William T. Sherman, Charles Darwin, Edna St. V. Millay, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jack Benny,  Dinah Shore (Leap Year, 29th), Will Croom , oh, just ever so many more.  

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