NO TIME FOR RETIREMENT! Our Poet's poem For the 65th Reunion of the Class of 1954

For the 65th Reunion of the Class of 1954  

Not a muffled drum heard, nor a funeral note

As we gather once more with our buddies—

So long it has been since our record we wrote,

And much longer since ending our studies.

"Sixty-five" has arrived, a significant year,

When some younger pups head to retirement,

But we, younger still, greet the day with good cheer,

And a sunny outlook for requirement.

O, the times we've lived through! And men that we knew,

How brave we all started together!

Our power was full and our course it was true,

No matter the wind and the weather!

The dangers we dared and the memories shared,

The stories we tell to our kiddies,

Such sorrows and joys could be hardly compared

Unless one has marched with the middies.

Then fill up the glasses and raise us a toast

To the Navy, the Class in its glory—

Touch hands with the shipmates we value the most,

Ours has been a remarkable story!


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