FOR THE FALLEN - Dick Raymond's Poem for Memorial Day


A Solemn Threnody

The muffled drums begin it,

Soft horns take up the song,

No words for choral voices,

They carry strings along—

And one by one the visions

Swim slowly into view,

Green fields of marble markers,

For brave and fallen few.

Not few! The panorama

Of thousands, ranked in rows,

Our nation's final tribute

To those who met our foes,

Young soldiers and young sailors,

Young airmen, all lie here

In foreign fields abiding,

Well-tended, year by year.

A general, a private,

In comradeship are one,

They shared a common duty,

Now share a stark white stone.

Remember, O remember

As generations pass,

However many heroes

Shall lie beneath new grass.


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