FOR THE FADING GENERATION - Richard Raymond's November Poem




                                FOR THE FADING GENERATION 

                                    The Veterans of World War II


            The days are departing, in shadows, as night cometh softly behind,

            The soldiers themselves become shadows, so many are none  but in mind--.

            Sixteen million they were, at beginning, the trumpet rang out, loud and clear,

            It summoned the brave to the battle, they mustered, so many to hear.


            The youth of our nation responded, they faced deadly peril with faith,

            Our enemies quailed at their banners, vile tyrants are now but a  wraith.

            But years, dim and gray, overtake them, and even the bravest must fall,

            So many are gone to the hillside, three volleys, a sweet bugle-call.


            A thousand a day are departing, soon none will be living, not one,

            Their daylight is dimming, yet brightly still shines their magnificent sun.

            O Nation, remember, remember, though ages be ever so long,

            The names of this valiant vanguard, and join in one glorious song!





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