LET THE ‘TWENTIES ROAR! Our Poet's January 2020 Poem

                 LET THE 'TWENTIES ROAR! 

    A hundred years ago, they roared—no war, sweet peace ahead,
    Just Prohibition in the wings, stocks soared to beat Old Ned,
    Dance marathons and flagpole sitters, craziness unfurled,
    Bobbed hair, short skirts and raccoon coats, an unimagined world.

    The airplanes flew, with Lindbergh, too, barnstormers and wing-walkers,
    Commercial radio was born, and movies soon were talkers,
    The Navy built dirigibles and scrapped their battleships,
    The Army shrank, from rank to rank, the way of buggy-whips.

    Rum-runners and the speakeasy were daily in the news,
    As mobsters filled the thirsty land with much illegal booze—
    Great times are now upon us, sinful pleasures on the way,
    Drink up! And chance the hangover that comes with light of day.


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