CHORDS OF MEMORY - Dick Raymond's May Poem



Now May has tiptoed in once more,

She brings bright buds and flowers,

Soft echoes of the days of yore,

Sweet songs of happy hours.

Along the Severn, trees abloom,

Fair skies and gentle breezes,

Forgotten is the winter's gloom,

No more of sniffs and wheezes.

At end of May, our final day,

Our last to stand together,

To fates unknown we went our way,

To rough and stormy weather.

Now, elders all, may we look back

Upon the written pages,

To think, we left a golden track,

Bright-shining down the ages,

We made our mark, our record stands,

Undaunted and indited-- 

A BRAVO ZULU to all hands,

Till we're again united. 


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