Richard Raymond's October Poem - The Sounds of Autumn


                            THE SOUNDS OF AUTUMN

                                  A Kind of Reprise *

October-season's for pumpkins and witches,

Feasting and drinking from green Summer's riches,

Werewolves and vampires and bats on black wings,

These ought to serve as some favorite things—

Bobbing for apples and sipping on cider,

Trickings and treatings (Look out for that spider!)

Kids leap on leaf-piles and swing on tire-swings,

Fall is a great time for favorite things—

Harvest-moon hayrides and toasting marshmallows,

Ghoulies and ghosties, the Eve of All-Hallows,

Songs at the fireside, with sweet gatherings,

Can't you remember those favorite things?

  When the hair thins and the bones creak,

  When our joys are few—

  Let's simply take comfort from favorite things,

  I do every day—don't you?


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