“THEIR PASSINGTREAD” - Dick Raymond's November poem



                                    "THEIR PASSING TREAD"

                       The armies are slowly dispersing,

                      Armadas become but a shade,

                      The air-fleets drift off into cloud-banks,

                      Each day, more join that parade.

                      And we call those who served, the Veterans,

                      Of our millions, they count but a few—

                      Whatever the mission, the danger,

                      They marched, they sailed, and they flew.


                      They came from the hills of New England,

                      They came from the Southern pines,

                      From east to west they were summoned,

                      They mustered, in long straight lines.

                      A many had gone into battle,

                      In peace, as reserves, they drilled,

                      With hearts of love for their country

                      The ranks have ever been filled.


                      They answered the stern call of duty,

                      They raised up their hands and swore--

                      All honor to brave men and women,

                      Remember their names evermore,

                       Who served, whether highest or lowest,

                      In the air, on the land or sea,

                      Bear the title of Veteran, proudly,

                      Our preservers of liberty!      




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