Death of a Classmate Richard R. HARTLEY 9th Co.

The following was posted on 54net.org by Pete Easton

It is with great sadness I report the death of a very close friend from Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma. Dick Hartley, aka Salty Sam, died last Tuesday from this horrible cancer after fighting it for 15 years. He has gone through all sorts of treatments; chemo, radiation, blood recirculation and anything else that could possibly help. The last 3 or so years have been intensive, and the poor guy had itchy skin continually, but he fought hard and kept a great attitude, being positive about everything. If you said let's go... he would say OK even though he was suffering, he never showed it.

Dick and I are both from Hawaii but first met each other plebe year when we were assigned to the 9th Co. Kathy and I fixed him up for a blind date (Jodi) from Conn College for Women our youngster year. They were a couple and were married two years after us. We were both in each others wedding. We stayed close - even after Dick left the Navy and graduated from Harvard Business School. Our kids got to know each other. We did dozens of member guests, travelled through Alaska, western Europe, British Isles, around South America, safari in South Africa, all our class reunions, and survived many surprise birthdays and anniversaries. Since we moved to Naples they have wintered here where Dick could do his favorite thing - swim. He was a fish and no matter where we were, he would find water.

Talked to Jodi and during our discussion she mentioned Dick would have ashes spread in the waters off Maui. Told her that is were I spread my father's ashes back in 1972 - so maybe he and Dick will meet where the whales play.

Besides Jodi, Dick is survived by his two daughters Pam and Margot and 3 grandsons who adored him as much as he adored them.

Aloha oe Dick, enjoy playing with the fish up there.

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