Our Poets November Poem


                        “ELEVEN-ELEVEN, SEE YA IN HEAVEN!”

                               An Anthem for Veteran’s Day *


                        To all our shipmates, watching from on high,

                        Their splendid seraphs, shining in the sky,

                        We raise a glass, and chorus, with a sigh,

                                    Hallelujah, and here’s to ya!


                        Proudly we gathered on that bright June day,

                        We raised our hands, tossed caps, and went our way,

                        Our once-young hearts now verge upon decay,

                                    And yet we sing, Hallelujah!


                        Down through the years, whenever we should meet,

                        Whether from wing, battalion, or the fleet,

                        We’d tell our tales, some blushful to repeat,

                                    But laughingly, with an Oo-rah!


                        When we shall join that everlasting crew

                        We’ll sing old songs, and hoist more than a few,

                        Plebes once again, but toasting Navy blue,

                                    Hallylooyah, Hallylooyah!





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