Our Poet's January Poem- THE SUN STILL SHINES -

                                THE SUN STILL SHINES

                        Though we on earth may curse the mist,
                        Though sun-obscuring clouds persist,
                        Our star shines brightly, as before,
                        And tides, unhindered, lap the shore.
                        Behind the fogs that dim our sight,
                        The seasons follow, day and night
                        Continue in their endless round,
                        And reasons to rejoice abound.
                        Why then should we, as reasoned souls,
                        Not follow our predestined roles,
                        Wait for a faint and flickering ray
                        To give us hope of dawning day?
                        If knaves betray, and fools despair,
                        Look up--beyond that gray and thickened air
                        Exists such brilliant atmosphere
                        As to extinguish nameless fear.


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