Ok, 54. Time for one last river to cross. I’m asking you to participate in what may be one of the last class functions.

The Class of 1954 Seventh Reunion.

The last few years have been rough for me, the loss of Donna, the move to Westminster, and time and tide acting on the old body. I failed to provide all the services that I provided as 54’s webmaster for so many years.

But I’m starting one last push to make the Seventh Reunion one we will all remember. I for one. don’t remember things too well so it may take quite an effort. Please give me all the help you can.

I’m not involved in the planning and administration of the Reunion. The gang over in Annapolis is handing that. My only contribution is to attempt to maximize support and participation by the class.

To start with sending me an email. That will give me a list of classmates who want to follow this reunion whether they can attend or just want to follow it at home.

I’ll publish a list of participants on the class website – 54net.org

Beat Army


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Unknown said...

Will- you can count on Rosemary an me attending--
Jack Anderson